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About Us

ManChild Technology is a collaborative of insanely talented and imaginative guys who’s sole mission is to make tech more fun.



The Founder and Leader of ManChild Technologies, Vintendo Brings with him a history on the mod scene that goes back to the Early 90s. You might know Vintendo from Such things as his Work on the “Justice for Geo” videos along with the creation of The Geohot movie trailer, and is also credited as Doing the voices For Characters on the ManChild Show.

Vintendo has released a few great mods and Tweaks for the IOS platform such as TRUE HD and Vmoji. Being on the Scene since the First jailbreak in 2007 he knows the in’s and outs of the IOS platform.

With a background in Video Editing And 3D modeling as well as work in the Dev department and Project manager and concept design, Vintendo brings to the table an Aggressive yet Firm stance on blurring the line between Tech and Fun. His ultimate goal, reinventing The world as he see’s fit and becoming The Mad Hatter of the Tech world.

Parental discretion is advised


BlueDog is an Electronic Shaman. The Co Founder and Co Leader has been the Driving Force behind some of the most amazing and break through ideas at the ManChild Technologies Factory.  With a powerful set of design and illustration skills, Bluedog brings to the table a sick amount of imagination and creativity.

He spent years of his life Touring the Country and Taking in all the greatest Things This world has to offer. Bluedog worked exclusively on our “Sedona Blue” Siri Theme with Aaron Clark inc, To create a Peaceful but Powerful peace of tech for us Siri Users. He is also a leading voice actor For the up coming MANCHILD SHOW as well as the primary Artist on our Animation board. Dubbed as TEAM MCT’s official in house Artist, Most of the art that you see here is a Direct Result of the sheer and powerful Talent The Dog of Blue has to Offer.

His goal, Reinventing the Way we all Enjoy and use our Tech.

Dog is Good


MCTs’ marketing genius and Tester extraordinare. Armento brings to the table, not only the use of his head artistically and intellectually, but a level of comic relief and honesty rarely seen today.

His strong sense of conviction, unbending will, and unwavering loyalty make him an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. You might Know Armento Vintage As the Face of FACEslideR. Also credited as Voice acting on the MANCHILD SHOW, Armento is the leader in M.I.H (Making it Happen).

Some say that Armento was the first person to ever place a FaceTime call over 3G while sky diving. Armento Vintage is Part of the Driving Force behind our “ManWear” Clothing Line Marketing Team. Armento Is said to have once Worn a Man Wear T-Shirt in the middle of dead winter. Proving once and for all that Armento Is Truly VINTAGE.

His Mission is to Replace Reality With a more Daring Twist

Do what I say and not as I Do